Due to strong UV rays that are present in our part of the coast , dermatologists recommend permitted periods on exposure to sunlight. These are daily intervals between 08-11 hours and after 17 hours. The period between 11-16 hours is certainly not recommended to stay on the beach, or under the high sun exposure. Of course , allways be sure to protect your kind of skin from sunburning with certain type of cremes, be sure to use right sun protect (especially for guests with light skin!). Take special care for Your children protection creams with high UV blockers.
All of this is mentioned in order, that your enjoying your vacation does not turn into the fight against sunburns.


For those of You who enjoy being in nature and the outdoors, and have a problem of attraction for mosquitoes, we recommend treating skin gels and spray intended for protection against mosquitoes. Pay special attention to the possibility of protecting the area in which you enjoy or resting (livingrooms, bedrooms etc…), electronic devices that can be incorporated into any electrical outlet.


Do not carry unnecessary weight. Our country is wellknown for its crystal clear consuming water and seasonal ingredients (fruits, vegetables) that are grown in the natural environment. Tasting those, You will find out the really taste of it! All you need to do is to relax...


Do not forget the possible visits to the doctor while you are on vacation. Ask what you need for an adequate and possible medical care, while you are on holiday in our country. It is useful to take the medications that can help with any injuries, high temperature, sunburns, etc...


Your pet is welcome in our Villa. Do not forget to its protection against possible bytes of mosquitoes, ticks and other parasites that can spoil Your holiday. Be sure to take the documents that are required for any care about animals. In our area there are modern shops and veterinary station, where You can get everything You need for your pet.